Ryzen 5 3600x 3rd Gen Pc Build for Gaming

We are building New Ryzen 5 3600x 3rd Gen Computer for those budget around 80k or 100k. we are finding the best gaming pc part’s for a beginner or who has money around 80k but need a Gaming pc or editing pc so we decide to go for AMD series because if you have not money for A Graphics Card’s so it can run games On CPU’s GPU.

We select Ryzen 5 3rd Gen Desktop Processor. this processor comes with the stock fan, in this processor has 6 Core up to 4.4 GHz with AM4 Socket, 35MB cache this Processor need 95watts Power this processor is best Because it has inbuilt GPU so it can run Games without lag and without Dedicated Graphic’s card so we go for this. it’s cost around 22k In India so you can buy on Amazon.

We select ASRock B450 steel Legend Motherboard because it’s compatible to support Ryzen 5 3600x 3rd Gen processor. this Motherboard Support AM4 Socket, & it supports DDR4 Ram up to 3500Mhz Ram. This motherboard Has 4 DDR4 slot that’s why it can hold 64Gb Ram With 16×4 Ram Set. This mother has two M.2 NVME socket with a heatsink. This motherboard has six SATA slot & 3.1 USB Port. HDMI & Display port also available in this motherboard. This Motherboard price is Around 11k in India. this Motherboard needs 125watts Power. This motherboard is available on Amazon.

We select Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 3000Mhz Ram. Our Motherboard And Ram are both compatible with each other. This Ram support Ryzen series motherboard. This Ram is also supported intel 7th & 8th Gen Motherboard. This ram is high speed and best for our Gaming Pc build. This Ram has 10-year Maximum warranty, that’s why we choose this Ram.

Solid State Drive’s (SSD)
We select Kingston SSD 240GB for faster PC speed. this is a very good quality SSD. Kingston made the best in class SSD to make PC fast enough. This SSD is Faster than a normal hard drive. The solid-state drive has SATA interface and compatible with Pc and laptop. This Solid-state drive fit in our Budget and best choice to install window (os) to boot fast. This SSD is available on Amazon. It’s cost Around 2500Rs In India.

Hard Drive
we Select Seagate Barracuda 1Tb for storage. This Hard drive is best for storage with new technology. This Hard Drive read write speed is very fast we are using this hard drive so we select it. if you want to install your in hard so go head this hard drive is fast. we also use this hard drive for GTA V this hard capable to play any game. we suggest you install Big size Game in This Hard drive like GTA V (90GB+) files after Installed. This hard drive is available on Amazon. It’s cost Around 3k.

Graphics Card (Additional)
We select Zotac Geforce GTX 1660Ti AMP edition. Best graphic card under 25k with 4k Gaming Supported. This graphic card is VR ready for gaming.
This Graphics card for who has max Budget.

Case Or Cabinet
We select Corsair Carbide SPEC-05 Mid Tower gaming case. This is a Tempered Glass case. this is a normal case but tempered glass made it cool it’s affordable. it’s cost around 3k. Available on Amazon.

Power Supply
If you Are using 1660Ti Graphic Card so you go For 750watt or 800watt Power supply (circle supply 750watt 80 Plus 5.5k)
If you are not using 1660Ti graphic card so you go for 450-watt power supply. we suggest you go with Corsair vs45watt supply.
If you save for money so go For Circle 400watt Power supply.
Corsair Power supply cost is 3k & circle Supply cost is 750Rs In India. Both Power supply is available on Amazon.

Total cost This build with Graphic Card Approx 75k to 76k with Recent Amazon price list.
Total cost without graphic Card is Around 45k to 50k.
we do our best Please comment on our Build or any question Regarding this build contact us on our Youtube Or Social Media.

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